Spiritual information failure

People spend their entire lives pursuing truths like philosophy, psychology, behavioral economics, because of perceived value in obtaining such truths. All the while, they don’t have sight of the most invaluable truth, that of Jesus Christ.

We waste so much of the spiritual economy because people think that other truths are more valuable than the truth of Jesus Christ.

There is such information asymmetry in the spiritual realm, in which there are those that know about Christ and there are those that don’t. But Christ is a public good, in which we can all share in… and if we truly believe in all His benefits, there is also so much positive externalities when someone believes in Christ.

They may certainly “benefit” us when they believe, but they benefit so much more when they do, hence the term, spiritual multiplication.

Thus, there is value in large institutions like churches and sending orgs that overcome the information asymmetry and the vast positive externality that create a market failure between those that are willing to hear about Jesus and those that are willing to share by uniting all people together for a common cause.