America and the World

When people start thinking their causes are more important than the system, the system becomes at risk. And this is the point that the US system is at right now.

Meanwhile, on the global scale, the dollar is overweighted – all this debt denominated in dollar terms creates a hazard for America to start printing USD indiscriminately. As a result, globally, people will be looking in another currency to put more value in. RMB is a strong contender.

China is where the US was 100-200 years ago – horrendous human rights records (see native Americans and how US treated minorities) but focused on economic prosperity. The culture is radically different as well. American culture is focused on advancing socially but largely ignoring advancements economically. Chinese culture is focused on advancing economically but largely ignoring advancements socially.

The only problem is – social progress only lasts as long as the societal structures withstand. Relevant recent example – Nelson Mandela’s ANC advancing native South African rights socially, but the social advancements now plateauing as the economy struggles under an untrained and corrupt ANC bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, economic progress gets carried and transferred to whoever the dominant power is, as long as there is two or more strong powers. Technological knowledge is accumulated like the building of the pyramids of Giza.

Thus, I’d argue that America’s national security is curtailed by this focus on social advancements, particularly as we will eventually lose the very social structures that we fight for if we avoid focusing on the technological leapfrogging of those around us and start infighting for social stalemate.•••